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Talissa is a Soul and World artist who is currently making her mark in the global pop industry. A 90's baby, her songs revolve around subjects like relationships, love and life with a vision for a more peaceful and loving world.


Talissa was born in Beverly Hills and got into music after the passing of her mother, who was a ballet teacher and actress from Italy. By the time she was four she had a strong interest in the greats of Country Western, as well as the R&B anthems of artists like Etta James. She noted early on that "Singing was like breathing" for her; thus pushing her to start the nonprofit Chain Reaction for disenfranchised youth, who sought music as their way out, just as she had.


Over the years, Talissa has continued to gain recognition for her effortless vocals with networks like MTV News placing her rendition of "All I Want For Christmas" on their channel. Her first two singles, "Change" and "Your Way," are both soothing R&B love songs about changing yourself for the better and the general struggles of life.


Since then, Talissa has broadened her musical palette to include influences from around the world. Her most recent track,"Like I Like It," showcases a more enchanting and seductive feel than her previous work, drawing on Latin and Caribbean tones. Her latest single "Personal," featuring veteran artist Kevin McCall, is set to debut April 24th, 2020 on all major platforms..

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